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2019-2020 Band Officers

President - Aiden Ponder

Vice President - Mackenzie Nicholas

Secretary - Lily DeBraal

Librarian - Isaac Cartmel

Logistics - Meghan Johns & James Meehan

Drum Majors - Chloe Smith, Erika Neely, & Jada Lane

Section Leaders

Flute Section - Amanda Davison & Kaitlyn Menchaca

Clarinet Section - Claudia McDavid & Laurel Sanders

Sax Section - Meghan Johns & Alex Wagner

Mellophone Section - Marie Ponder

Trumpet Section - Mackenzie Nicholas & Andrew Haga

Low Brass Section - Aiden Ponder

Tuba Section - Isaac Cartmel

Percussion Section - Camden Scarce- Drum Captain, Michael Skotty - Drum Captain, & Clyde Covey - Section Leader

Front Ensemble Section - Miana Rutherford - FE Captain & Julie Davenport - Section Leader

Guard Section - Jackie Bernard & Jubilee Middlekauf







  • Completing Volunteers Hours for the Semesters you are in Band (30 per semester). The best time for STUDENTS to get their hours is at fundraising events.
  • Participate in MOST band fundraising events!!! Must meet Minimum Requirements… i.e. selling 10 band cards, working FunFest, decorating Meadowview etc. Leaders should have a decent amount of hours after FunFest and should have their hours close to being met by the end of October.
  • Attend Student Leadership Meetings after School.
  • Attend Meetings requested by the SSHS Executive Board… these count as hours.
  • Be a ROLE MODEL in every way!!! You are not better than anyone else…
  • Work hard at keeping your academic standards high.
  • Most band functions are required for leadership! If you have to miss a band function, please be in touch with the band director.
  • Go above and beyond what you think is required.
  • Band Fees are REALLY important… if concerns are there, COMMUNICATE!!!
  • Use the Band Hierarchy system and WORK TOGETHER as a TEAM!!!
  • Student leaders will also abide by ALL school district student behavior guidelines. This includes but is not limited to: bullying, harassment, dress code, and overall behavior.
  • Student leader accountability is VITAL to the band’s success!!!

Students or student leaders that do not follow the above requirements will not be allowed to join the student leadership team in future years. This is what is required to be a leader in the Sullivan South Band program.



Last Updated 5/4/21

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