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If any of these questions sound familiar to you, then good, you are trying to understand how things work. It can be confusing if you are a new person to the band world and I know that many of you are. If you have other questions that are not answered here please let me know and I will try and answer them.

  • What is the Jamboree? The Jamboree is a football event where several area teams are invited to play a quarter of football against an opposing team. The South football team does play and they ask the band to be there to perform in the stands for the event. We do not play the half time show but we do play stands tunes and sell concessions at the event. This is usually the first football event of the season and takes place around the second week of school.
  • What is Meet the Rebels? Meet the Rebels is another football event where our team plays against itself. The parents and fans get the chance to see all of the team, cheerleaders, and the band for the first time. We play in the stands and sell concessions. This takes place the about the third week of school.
  • Does the band go to the away games? Yes, the band has always gone to the away games. The boosters do pay for the school busses and drivers that we use. The large rise in gas prices may hinder our participation in the future but as of right now we are planning on attending the away games this year.
  • What is pre game? Many times throughout the year our band will be asked to play the half time show before the football game starts. Most of the time we will play during half time but unfortunately, being asked to perform pre game is common in this part of the state.
  • If I sign up to work on a committee do I have to work every game or event? No, the idea is to spread the workload and share in the responsibilities..
  • Is our child required to come to the competitions? Yes, the competitions are the high lights of the marching season and should be attended by all students in the organization. Attendance at the performances count as a major part of each band students grade.
  • Does my child need to stay with the band after he or she finishes performing or can they leave? Every student should stay until the band is dismissed. We have a responsibility at the ball games to help cheer on our school to the end of the game. It would be a poor reflection on our program and our students to make it a habit of leaving before the game is complete.
  • As long as my child has black shoes will any type of shoe work with the uniform? No, every student should purchase the same type of marching band shoe from music doctors. We work very hard to look uniformed in our appearance, the shoe is a very important part of the uniform.


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